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Wednesday 19 March 2008

4 oz Rice Four
4 oz Desiccated Coconut
4 oz Raw sugar
4 egg whites

  1. Beat egg whites in large bowl with hand mixer until stiff.
  2. Fold in other ingredients with metal spoon.
  3. Drop tablespoons of mixture onto lightly greased baking trays.
  4. Bake at 350F/Gas 4 until lightly browned on top and firm to touch (approx. 15 minutes).

As promised, I have written down the Macaroon recipe that I can’t get enough of…!

If you feel that your Macaroon recipe is superior…then leave your recipe in the comments section and I promise to reward your bravery at challenging my taste by trying it…!

Rules: If you are going to compete with me at a fair standard, the final product cannot contain any milk or wheat in any form, as neither me nor the person for which this post is intended consume items with these ingredients…

Enjoy! : )