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Innovation in Mission

Friday 26 September 2008

One of the challenges of 21st Century mission is how to build and maintain godly partnerships with others, on both an individual and a corporate level. Increasingly these partnerships are cross-cultural, with the church in the majority world taking on much more responsibility in world mission.

I’ve just discovered a fascinating new blog on this topic called Innovation in Mission by John and Mindy Hirst, which is based on the book by the same name by John Hirst and Jim Reapsome.

Here’s a taste from a recent post:

Thursday night at the Mission Next Conference, we had a panel of Majority World leaders answering questions. […] One question was, “What does your country bring to a partnership?” Of course, as we talk about parity and mutual benefit, that is a very critical question. If Western countries are bringing funding and resources, what are other countries bringing that they view as equal to the resources.

Some of the answers were:
– Experience of the church
– Passion
– New Questions / Answers about the Bible
– Fun
– We love Jesus, we love others and we want to get the job done
– Able to live with little
– Godly insight and wisdom
– Sheer desire to survive

What caught my attention about these answers is that these are not things you can put in a suitcase. They aren’t things you can physically hand to someone. And they are definitely not things that you can grasp easily via phone and email.

Bottom line, as I have been listening to the issues, the greatest challenge seems to be “face time” with global partners. The value that Majority World people bring is something that has to be experienced in person. We can’t have a conference call and say it’s done. It is deeply personal and any effort to depersonalize it and comoditize it will fail.

Are Western organizations and individuals willing to make the commitment to this type of personal and long-term investment in partners? I think many were asking that question on Thursday night.

I think I might even be tempted to buy the book



Tuesday 16 September 2008

For a while I’ve been wondering about a solution to the “I want to transfer a file from our laptop to my office computer” problem. OK, on the grand scheme of things it’s not that big of a problem – I can always use a memory stick or save the file as an attachment to a draft in gmail.

But it always seemed to me that there should be a much simpler solution for two computers that are both online (but not on the same network). A couple of days ago I installed Dropbox, which has an open-source Linux (as well as Windows and OS X) client and is very simple to use.

It just puts a Dropbox folder somewhere of your choosing on your computer, and anything you put in that folder automatically gets uploaded to it’s website (where you can access it from anywhere with your login) and downloaded to any other computers you have Dropbox installed on.

There is a size limit of 2GB for the free account, with much more storage available for a price if you want to use it as a backup facility.

Now when I want to have access to a file from my office computer I don’t have to login to Gmail, compose a message, find the file I want to attach and save the message, I just copy and paste the file or folder into the dropbox folder on our laptop and by the time I’ve walked to the office it’s there waiting for me.


Wednesday 3 September 2008



I was inspired to write a Works for Me Wednesday today because I just phoned a friend of mine the other day in the States (Hi Apie! : ) and we had the longest conversation in the world!  We kept talking about what I do around the house that helps it to be organised and creative and productive because she is soon going to be at home fulltime – with her first baby on the way.  So, even though I am not super organised, and I am eternally learning, I thought I’d share something! : )

I think the #1 thing that has been working for me is morning Bible reading.  As soon as I wake up I get out of bed (before I have time to wind up and think about my upcoming day…!) and go to ‘my chair’ in the living room and open the Word of God.  Praise the Lord that that He’s given me an amazing husband who is sooo my compliment and likes routine – not my favourite…!  So, for encouragement, we do it together, and talk about one of the passages we read together.  Its good!

We read through the Word in a year, a month and a day.  So, there’s three chapters to read each day and you always know what you’re going to read next!

I also normally read Oswald Chambers ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ before I dive into the word for that day – and the thing that amazes me most is how the Bible passages and Chambers intertwine each day.  There is never a day where I am like – well, that was good but it wasn’t for me.  If you expect God to speak to you, you will hear Him! Its totally exciting! : )

That’s what works for me, by God’s grace! : )


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