Redemptive Novels


Mark and I have found that we’ve been thinking similar things regarding redemption lately. The other night, he told me about what he’d been reading in Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright about how we as Christians should be focusing on the redemptive aspects of our everyday experience – in the present {if you want to know more, take a glance at this post by Mark}.

I got excited too because I had very similar thoughts as I have been reading Christian fiction novels by Lori Wick. Each of her novels brings elements of God’s redemptive plan into her character relationships ~ it really is beautiful. And it got me thinking how important it is for Christians to hang onto this hope of redemption in our fallen relationships in the present. We must have hope that our Sovereign God can turn ruin into glory if we will partner with Him in the present work He’s unfolding. Without this hope we are lifeless Christians.

So, I want to encourage those out there who love novels {but find it hard to justify reading when there’s sooo much else begging for your attention} to read them and allow the the Lord of Redemption to stir up this hope within you. He uses the written word in amazing ways to touch our hearts ~ and we artists {especially} need to allow Him to speak to us in a way we understand in our heart. For me that’s through creative imagery and redemptive stories.

The three authors to whom I am forever indebted for the beautiful redemptive images each has developed in my mind and heart are:

Francine Rivers

Lori Wick

Bodie Thoene

I hope these radiate the love of God to you the way they have to me. If you have others you would have added to this list ~ let me know! : ) Can’t wait to explore more!



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