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In the office the other day I received a phone call from a friendly chap from a company that offers translation services. He was offering the services of his company to Wycliffe, wondering if we were interested in outsourcing any of our translation work.

I patiently explained that our translation work is done in cooperation with churches and individuals who are mother-tongue speakers of minority languages, so I didn’t think his company would be able to help us very much. Looking back, I probably should have taken him up on the offer and asked for a quote for translating the Bible into 2,300 unwritten languages



2 Responses to “Translation Services”

  1. Andrew S Says:

    Brilliant – had he just looked you up in the phone book or something? Did he have any clue? The possibilities of how you could have messed are endless – I’m impressed by your restraint!

  2. Mark Says:

    I think he found us via our website. Yeah… I can only imagine what you might have done in the same situation Mr Simpson…!! 🙂

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