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Monday 9 June 2008

We have had some really cool encounters with birds lately. Its been an especially nice treat for me because it means I can enjoy little creatures without having pets, as our situation doesn’t allow us to have any.

When we were at Windsor Castle on Saturday ~ on an amazing date planned by my thoughtful husband! ~ we spotted this adorable little guy on the wall looking out over the mote. A small crowd soon gathered when people realised we were looking at the wall, and not the beautiful scene beyond.

Little friend

A hole on the outside of our wooden flat has also become a home for a family of birds, although I am not sure what type because they stay inside a lot! I hope their mummy is ok because I tend to hear the little chirpies a lot…! My ear is now trained to the sound of baby birds and I have found a couple of nests just by listening out…impressive eh?! : )

Praise the Lord for his creation ~ and that we get a daily dose of birdies where we live!


Redemptive Novels

Sunday 8 June 2008

Mark and I have found that we’ve been thinking similar things regarding redemption lately. The other night, he told me about what he’d been reading in Surprised by Hope by Tom Wright about how we as Christians should be focusing on the redemptive aspects of our everyday experience – in the present {if you want to know more, take a glance at this post by Mark}.

I got excited too because I had very similar thoughts as I have been reading Christian fiction novels by Lori Wick. Each of her novels brings elements of God’s redemptive plan into her character relationships ~ it really is beautiful. And it got me thinking how important it is for Christians to hang onto this hope of redemption in our fallen relationships in the present. We must have hope that our Sovereign God can turn ruin into glory if we will partner with Him in the present work He’s unfolding. Without this hope we are lifeless Christians.

So, I want to encourage those out there who love novels {but find it hard to justify reading when there’s sooo much else begging for your attention} to read them and allow the the Lord of Redemption to stir up this hope within you. He uses the written word in amazing ways to touch our hearts ~ and we artists {especially} need to allow Him to speak to us in a way we understand in our heart. For me that’s through creative imagery and redemptive stories.

The three authors to whom I am forever indebted for the beautiful redemptive images each has developed in my mind and heart are:

Francine Rivers

Lori Wick

Bodie Thoene

I hope these radiate the love of God to you the way they have to me. If you have others you would have added to this list ~ let me know! : ) Can’t wait to explore more!

Translation Services

Saturday 7 June 2008

In the office the other day I received a phone call from a friendly chap from a company that offers translation services. He was offering the services of his company to Wycliffe, wondering if we were interested in outsourcing any of our translation work.

I patiently explained that our translation work is done in cooperation with churches and individuals who are mother-tongue speakers of minority languages, so I didn’t think his company would be able to help us very much. Looking back, I probably should have taken him up on the offer and asked for a quote for translating the Bible into 2,300 unwritten languages

Maisha ni Vita

Monday 2 June 2008

Via a comment left on this blog, we recently discovered the blog of Kenneth Mwazembe from the town of Vwawa, Mbozi District of Mbeya Region, Tanzania. Kenneth is a journalist who has been blogging for a few months about various things happening in and around Mbozi District.

I was excited to see this blog, because Mbozi District of Mbeya Region was the first area that we surveyed when I was doing Language Survey in Tanzania back in August 2004. The District is home to many people groups and languages, but the main group in the District are the Nyiha, whose language we surveyed. (Other groups present include the Wanda and Sichela, and also Ndali, Nyakyusa, Safwa, Lambya and Nyamwanga (known as Namwanga in Zambia) and others whose main areas are in other Districts of Mbeya Region).

When we were in Mbozi District in 2004, there wasn’t a single internet cafe in the whole district, so it was a nice surprise for me to see Kenneth’s blog and to hear news from the area!

Kenneth’s blog is in Swahili, so those of you unfortunate enough not to know this wonderful language will have to make do with looking at the beautiful pictures! The title – Maisha ni Vita – is a Swahili saying meaning “life is war”.

(Special mention to my friend Richard who is also from Mbozi District – originally from the village of Nyimbili (I think… am I right Richard?) but more recently from the district capital of Vwawa).