An out of context visit


Source: WikipediaYesterday, Mark and I were very happy to have some American friends passing through who we know from Tanzania. It was great to see them in England and it really reminded us of Tanzania… Hot weather, Swahili, other friends from the Uganda-Tanzania SIL Branch. It makes us miss many things about Africa. This morning we woke up thinking about Tanzania and I had Mark teach me a few more words in Swahili.. Mti (tree)… Mguu (leg)… Mkono (arm)… Mji (town)… Mlango (door)… Mfereji (trench)… And if you add m- + refu after any of these, you have a ‘long/tall’ nown. Like Mti mrefu = ‘tall tree.’ It did my heart good to connect with Africa this morning, even if through saying simply ‘Mifereji mitano mirefu’ – ‘five long trenches.’


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  1. Kenneth Mwazembe Says:

    Yes umenivutia sana kwa jinsi unavyopenda Kiswahili. I congraturate you for prouding Kiswahili language. Thank you for that.

    Keep it up

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